About us

Dedicated to freedom. ‘Cancel culture’ free.

AlignPay believes in America, freedom, and protecting your economic opportunity. Period.

Yes, it’s really that simple.

AlignPay is designed for fast, easy, and secure use.

AlignPay specializes in credit, debit, and ACH transactions.

AlignPay offers recurring donations and processing fee offsets.

AlignPay delivers its services at a lower cost than other processors.

AlignPay does not sell anyone’s personally identifiable information.

AlignPay secures all transactions with full encryption.

AlignPay’s onboarding process lets you get started right away.

AlignPay delivers market-leading APIs and integration tools.

AlignPay enables users to select branding, features, amounts, and more.

AlignPay provides 24/7 customer service and compliance support.

AlignPay also never picks sides on any issue and is proud to facilitate a welcoming place where people, organizations, campaigns, and merchants can interact in a healthy, open, and legal way. Thank you for visiting AlignPay.com!